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Sonja and Tiko Markovic, kennel English pointer “Sveti Hubertus”
Sonja I Tiko Markovic are from childhood, separately and when they met and together raised dogs. They love everything what the name of nature and animals carres they shoes to always have a few of those who are with them dividing the space those who living in the yard and those who go hunting. Great love and party with different types of dogs are crystallized year 2005 dicision to permanently and deeply devoted training Pointer. Why because associate on the freedom, because they are fast as the wind, because they are elegant and always ready for action, always happy, someone you would like for friend. Primarily by giving love, then scientific knowledge Sonja and Tiko believe that the Serbian region with a speed of wind raise flocks of birds.


- Standard Nr.1

Patronage Classification FCI · Group 7: Managing dogs.


· Section of 2,1 British and Irish managing dogs, pointers.

Race name according to FCI English pointer Height Males 60-70cm, Females 58-66cm Weight 20 to 34 kg



The English pointer is one of the (Nr.1, Gr.7, Sek.2.1) recognized British and Irish race.

Origin and Historical


The English pointer, or only , probably descends from Spanish hunting dogs; in addition the blood of the Foxhound and of French run dogs came. Its name is due to Perro de Punta (Spanish "dog for managing "). The managing characteristic to remain i.e. with the Aufstöbern front run raised from game rainless and usually with arose probably mutativ and by continued pure breed was strengthened. Although there are in the meantime many different managing races, one can regard the English pointer still as purest Vererber of the managing characteristic.



It is 69 cm a large, and hunting dog heavy up to 30 kg. The hair is finely, briefly, firmly, perfectly smoothly and with a pronounced gloss. The usual colors are zitronenfarben and white, orange and white, liver-brown and white and black and white in addition, in-colored and three-colored (tricolour). Its ear leather is thinly, medium sized, highly set and close against the head resting.



The pointer is described as friendly and balanced with special jagdlichen abilities. The original intended purpose of the gentle, following seed and serious pointer did not correspond to the natural dog behavior. If he saw a hare, he stopped and "showed" (English: "POINT") it on, so that accompanying wind dog the booty could rush and pack it. The selection breed brought an uncommonly obedient, distinguished and friendly animal out, which is however extremely sensitive. Its love-worth nature makes it ideal fellow tenant.



The pointer is a outstanding managing dog with extraordinary hunt characteristics and all advantages, which distinguish also the Spinone. Since the 1950er years it is used also in Europe as a carriage dog.

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